Zombie Batman & 4 More Comic Plots That Need To Be Movies!

“Welcome comic book lovers, welcome moviegoers to the 36th CRAVE article…”

I love the idea of a comic book movie, specifically a DC movie, that has our favorite superheroes… duking it out as zombies: Blackest Night written by Geoff Johns would probably be incredibly bizarre and scary, but definitely won’t make it to the screen any time soon, since the DC movies have tied themselves together to form a unified wall, blocking out some of the weirder, other-universe plots.

My second favorite from the list is Judge Dredd vs. Aliens Incubus, mainly because I absolutely adore everything H.R. Giger; I love the films, including the Alien vs. Predator franchise, –this movie might actually get made. It has a better chance than the other one, and we need a new Alien movie, it’s about the right time. Check out the source article to see the other three topics that NEED to be on screen. 

source: moviepilot.com