Zack Snyder Exonerated – BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN does NOT suck

In a sense, the Internet has ruined us. For all its gifts, it has brought new travails with it. Having all the information, the sum total of all human knowledge, right at our fingertips, is a blessing, but along with that blessing we have to put up with Internet trolls. We get our news reports in real time, literally as important events are happening, yet we can’t escape hearing about the Kardashians. You have to take the good with the bad. Let’s discuss the effects of having this ability to post one’s thoughts for all the world to see, with no filtration system and no minimum requirements concerning age or intelligence, on human behavior. It skews things. We get things like what I call the “Pile-On Effect.” Bashing a thing, a film, a celebrity, what have you, becomes a social construct. Such attacks are largely meaningless.

To point out the transience and irrelevance of such phenomena, I submit to you BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Hatin’ on it had become trendy long before the film opened in theaters. But honestly now, how many of those doing the hating had made their minds up before ever seeing the picture? How many had even SEEN the picture before writing their scathing “reviews” on Twitter or Facebook? Now the pendulum has swung, with the release of the R-rated version of Zack Snyder’s film. Those same people who were bashing it before are now praising it, blaming studio interference for perverting Snyder’s “vision.” It is now hip and trendy to reverse direction. Fickleness has become the new normal. The moral of this story: Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet. The Internet magnifies misinformation. It glorifies it.


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By TheCheezman

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