Yes, Valkyrie is now black. And I’m fine with that.

Marvel Studios' THOR: RAGNAROK..Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Racists raised hell over the casting of a black woman as Valkyrie. I didn’t know. I hadn’t heard anything. Nor does it matter. The racists claimed the movie would bomb, and it was a MONSTER hit. As for those people, Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, put it succinctly: They are “horrible people” who “should crawl back under the rock and stay there.” I concur completely.

What troubles me, though, is the possibility that not ALL the ones doing the bitching are racists. Some of them could be mere passionate fanboys. Is there any way *I* could ever be in agreement with them? I wouldn’t want to ever be found agreeing with the horrible people. Yet I have bitched myself over changes made to characters with a longstanding history. I was fine with Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. But was that because SHE was fine, i.e. that I found her gorgeous and effective in the role? No. I DID, but that isn’t why it didn’t bother me. Thompson’s character was identified as *A* Valkyrie, not necessarily the Valkyrie from the comics. (I believe THAT Valkyrie was shown briefly–being killed–in that flashback/memory scene with Hela.) But they made Heimdall a black guy, and in the comics he’s white, and I was fine with that. Is it only where more minor characters are concerned that I give moviemakers a pass? Aquaman isn’t a minor character, and I don’t mind that they made him Polynesian. I would, however, have raised holy hell if they’d made Captain America–Steve Rogers, that is–Asian, or Peter Parker Indian. I simply must admit to myself that sometimes it bothers me when they change characters’ histories, in this case their ethnicity, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the character.

This isn’t BASED ON ethnicity, though. I’d raise an equal amount of hell if they made Black Panther a white guy. (Not that it could ever happen.) The comics depict the Panther as a black man. And I think they should have cast a partially Asian guy as Iron Fist, because the character in the comics is established as being part Asian. I’m a hardcore stickler for established continuity, period. Except when I’m not. And it seems particularly arbitrary for me.

Anyway, THOR RAGNAROK is amazing. Possibly the best Marvel movie yet. with perfect casting. Skin pigmentation never entered into my mind when I was watching it.

It would have, though, if the Hulk had been any color but green, so I guess SOMETIMES skin color matters.

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