WONDER WOMAN Still Making Waves

Some Middle Eastern countries hostile to Israel are refusing to let WONDER WOMAN be shown there, because star Gal Gadot is of Israeli descent. This will deprive Warner Brothers of about three dollars and thirty-five cents of revenue, which it will more than make up for in providing free publicity for the film, and also by driving the black market price for copies of the movie over there, when it comes out, into the stratosphere. It isn’t just foreign governments who are a-hatin’ on the movie, though. There’s at least one PC dillweed squawking that the movie is racist, that it is, and I quote, “Dangerous for [her] black feminism and liberation.” (Yeah, I laughed when I read that, too.) And her complaint is for the same reason: the lead actress is Israeli. (I actually suspect, based upon her own words–and she almost says as much–that this person’s real complaint is that the actress is Caucasian, period, and that the only thing that would really satisfy her would be for the studio to have cast a black woman in the role. And I ask you, how racist is THAT?)

Then there was that theater somewhere–I think it might have been Texas (I could google it but I really don’t care)–where they held a women’s-only showing, and a few insecure males got their tighty-whitey knickers all twisted about it–thus providing even more in the way of free publicity. Then there were some thirteen-year-olds who were complaining on the Internet (’cause nobody would listen to them in real life) that the actress’s boobs weren’t big enough. It’s embarrassing from a sociological/anthropological standpoint that this griping by said teenyboppers (no grown man would be so childish, surely; this bitching must have been the work of little boys in their early teens) got mentioned at all. But the fact that it DID get mentioned only served to–you guessed it–provide more in the way of free publicity for the film.

Let’s review, then. We’ve got nitwits clucking that the movie is sexist, racist, political, and that the actresses’ boobs are too small. Just laugh, my friends. Just laugh to keep from crying. The stupid, it overwhelms us!

The fact that everybody is talking about the film, however, even if they’re bitching about something, constitutes SATURATION. This is what it means to be OVER. (Wrestling term, in case you didn’t know. It means to be accepted by “marks,” or fans, to get the desired reaction from them. The term suggests that the fans are buying into what is being sold.)

It’s nice to see a movie good enough in terms of its quality to deserve this level of OVER. You go, Gal!

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By TheCheezman

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