Will The ‘Arrow’ Step Up Before Ray Palmer Steals Felicity’s Heart

It seems to be a race for the girl and Ollie is coming in a close second

Last night on the ‘Arrow’ we met Cupid, a somewhat lethal romantic ex-cop whom mimics her idol’s footsteps to draw his attention to her fan obsessed lair, all while Oliver’s true love is being courted by the incredibly rich and handsome Ray Palmer right under his hood. It looks like Mr. Palmer plans to make himself a superhero to save his adopted city, but will this put him at further odds with the ‘Arrow’  …I guess we will have to wait and see. Now about Thea and her new love interest, whom I’m pretty sure is working for Thea’s jealous old man, Malcolm Merlyn, could this be the man she needs or will Roy step up and make Thea a priority now that they have so much in common. Do you think Malcolm Merlyn is behind the latest edition to Thea’s life, or is it just a coincidence now that Thea is reconnecting with her brother she meets someone new?

source: collider.com