What’s the Big Difference Between Marvel & DC Comics?

“DC Comics: $16.99.  Marvel Comics: $9.49. The Difference Between DC and Marvel Comics? Priceless.”

In the mood for a quick little giggle, True Believers? This one made me laugh, and as a Marvel fan I completely agree. There’s a bunch of comparisons in here that’ll get your gears turning. It’s easy to come up with many differences between DC Comics and Marvel, like all their different events and heroes with different personalities, like Batman and Captain America.

We definitely needed a clear and concise list like this one herein with some really thought provoking differences like DC’s stance on same-sex marriage and Marvel having a gay marriage on the front cover of X-Men, one of Marvel’s biggest selling lines. There’s a lot more than that in the article, True Believers and I think you’ll get some really good perspective on DC after clicking through. 

source: larkable.com

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