What Makes Scott Snyder One of the Best ‘Batman’ Writers of All Time?

The writer was an unlikely choice to take over DC’s best-selling comic, but his tenure in indie comics and his approach to the character have left people clamoring for more.

You know, in the world of fiction and writing, you’d be surprised how often people who attended college or have formal education, get shit on. Usually, by other writers who didn’t go to college or get any formal higher education. I think that Scott Snyder’s best-selling editions of Batman were in part, made possible, by his Master’s degree in fiction, –and that he was bringing a fresh mind to an older story. He took clean, practiced, –not perfected, –indie comic writing, with a gritty edge, sharp and toxic like a rusty Bic razor, and gave us great new stories, about one of our oldest and most loved heros. 

We honestly have his wife to thank; she’s the one who made him go to work, and kept him from calling in sick. But the pressure of making Batman new, sharp, and darker than ever before was probably getting to him. Behind every great man, –is a woman telling him to get off his ass and go to work. 

source: www.scpr.org