The Top 27 Batman Artists… Ever!

“…the Dark Knight’s been around for more than 75 years, with hundreds—maybe even thousands—of people drawing the iconic superhero through the decades…”

Which means that choosing only 27 of the best Batman artists, ever, like, of all time, –over 75 FRIGGIN’ years of Batman comics… I mean… that’s a shitload of people, and 27 is just a tiny number. The first person to draw Batman ever was Bob Kane, –though it may also have been Bill Finger, so of course, he’s number one on their list: I even tried checking with my ex-husband, who apparently doesn’t know. Either that, or, having not spoken to him in months, my sudden inquiry may have sounded odd. 

Oh well! My favorite artist, of all time, oooh. Toughy. They’re both on this list, though. I’d say it’s a choice between Jim Lee, and then the ultra-detail of Lee Bermejo and Frank Quitely. Quitely provides so much texture, in like, everything: it’s almost disturbing, because he almost appears to be drawing from life.