The Road to CIVIL WAR

I’m started to get excited about Marvel Comics again. Finding the ALLNEW! ALL DIFFERENT! Version(s) of the Avengers lackluster compared to the epic, hell, downright TITANIC storyline concocted by Jonathan Hickman, which led up to the mega-event SECRET WARS and the creation of a new Marvel Universe, I stuck with stalwart offerings like INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, written by Brian Michael Bendis, and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN by Dan Slott. Gone were the days, I feared, of the company wide “event” events that so captivated me in years past, stories like SIEGE, WORLD WAR HULK, and SECRET INVASION. I simply didn’t, and don’t, care about Marvel’s new batch of teenybopper superheroes like Ms. Marvel and Miles NOT Spider-Man Morales. To me, Marvel was sacrificing the kind of fare preferred by its long-term readers to try to woo new, younger ones—and to be politically correct. (When the latter comprises the primary reason for doing ANYthing the results usually range from disappointing to disastrous.)

Now here comes CIVIL WAR 2, one of those across-the-board “event” events like I have so enjoyed. And it’s written by Bendis, the same guy who spearheaded so many of those previous high-concept event-events (how about “E-vents”?). I know the teenyboppers will play a part in it. I can tolerate them, if we get enough of that old-school Marvel magic in the process.


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By TheCheezman

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