The Return of ROM!

Here is some news to get excited about. ROM is returning to the world of comics. That is, if you were a comic book-reading kid in the 80s, like I was, it’s a cause to get excited. ROM was a fixture in the Marvel Comics universe, running from December of 1979 (I remember buying that first issue off the newsstand at the local convenience store) to February of 1986, a solid stretch of seven years and 75 issues. None too shabby considering the comic should have never worked at all. Based on an obscure toy robot from Parker Brothers, a toy that didn’t sell worth a flip, to be honest, how could the adventures of this “Spaceknight” chronicled in the funny books possibly succeed? That it DID succeed can be attributed to the stellar work (you see what I did, there?) of writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema. It was, simply put, a damn good comic book.

While I am thrilled to see ROM returning, I am disappointed that he will no longer be a Marvel property; the new series will be published by IDW. This means that everything from the Marvel series will have to be resigned to a “parallel universe” and any attempts to revisit some of those stories will have to be heavily altered. Likewise none of the characters from the earlier series will appear in the new one, save for ROM himself.Bummer.


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