The PC Police and that “Racist” Dr. Strange – Enough, Already!

The writer of this linked article, Donna Dickens, wins today’s S.T.F.U. award. Get your britches out of a twist, woman. Your argument is silly. Taking Marvel Studios to task for “whitewashing?” Suggesting that it is perfectly acceptable for Marvel to cast black actors, or Asians, or whatever, in roles of characters that are established as being Caucasian, but deriding any attempt to do it the other way around, when no one has been doing that? Grousing that the story of DR. STRANGE is that of “yet another rich white man finding superpowers.” No doubt you’ll find something to whine about when BLACK PANTHER gets his own movie. He probably won’t be “black” enough to suit you.

What has Dickens and her ilk so riled up? In the comics, the “Ancient One,” the character from whom DR. STRANGE obtains his secret knowledge, was depicted as Asian. Looking back at those stories from the 1960s, Marvel Studios recognized that, by today’s standards, those depictions could be seen as stereotypical. Thus they decided to change the character, making the Ancient One a woman instead. Oh, but they went and cast a WHITE woman! That’s the problem. Now the PC sentinels like Ms. Dickens are squealin’ like gutshot hogs, whereas, if the actress cast in the role had been black or Asian, they would have said nary a word. Making such an issue out of skin color is a sort of reversed racism. We as a species can only be truly without prejudice when skin pigmentation no longer matters at all. Sadly, people like the PC Police, despite their good intentions, are doing their part to prevent us from reaching that state.


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By TheCheezman

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