The Next 10 DC Comics Movies

In a week THICK with comic book movie news, a 10 movie slate of DC comic book movies has been announced! From “Batman V Superman” in 2016 to “Green Lantern” …

So! This guy talks fast, but he gets the information out there: first! Batman v Superman obviously. But then, Suicide Squad, –and then what? Phew. Every time I hit the space key… oh well. Anyway, in 2016, Suicide Squad will have -everybody-, including a lot of the villains we’ve been waiting to see for like, forever, –and then in 2017, it’s the standalone Wonder Woman movie.

She also has a cameo in Batman v Superman, –and then later that year, there will be the first Justice League movie. And there’s still… The Flash, and later, Aquaman! with Jason Momoa, so hot, ugh, god. Yum. But alas, not until 2018. In April of 2019, there’s Shazam, and in June, the next Justice League movie, –but we won’t see the characters from Justice League get there own movies until 2020, like Cyborg, who gets to be in Batman v Superman, and then The Green Lantern, maybe, in 2020. Phew. I’m nowhere near as fast as this goober. Watch the video. Jeez.