The New Marvel “Uberframework” Graphs Every Character In The Universe

The business of heroes needs saving from the crushing weight of its own data. The Marvel team thinks they’ve built a solution: a massive database that…

Wow. Just wow. The physical representation of the Marvel universe’s characters… is absolutely breathtaking. Visually, it’s just… wow. I know, but hell, is there any other word for it? Graphed out, it actually looks like a Universe; or well, a Miniverse, –the complexity of the Universe itself is infinite, the complexity of the Marvel Universe is finite, –and this is just one of the stunning graphics you can see on the source.

Some of the other visual graphics for the Marvel universe are multicolored, but… phew. I want this in my house. Like, as a giant mural, covering one wall; do you think if it was blown up against one big wall, you could see all the characters and names? All their relationships? My ex-husband would stare at something like that for hours, and most likely, go into serious nerd overload. He might even have a seizure. The Marvel universe is… beautiful. 


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