The Midnighter Gets His Own Series: Coming in June!

“…how will Steve Orlando handle the complexities of a same-sex, superhero couple?”

It looks like DC is trying their hand again at an openly homosexual character with releasing a dedicated Midnighter book this summer. So far Midnighter has appeared in multiple issues of Grayson gaining traction after being outed as a gay man in that book. 

It will be interesting to see what new writer Steve Orlando will do for the character and how DC handles this book, narratively and politically. So far DC has a bit of spotty record with the concept of LBGT characters with their most recent issues with the excellent Batwoman book whose main protagonist, Kate Kane is an open lesbian and editor-in-chief of DC, Dan Didio nixed an issue where Kate Kane would marry her long-time girlfriend. This caused much turmoil as the main writer and artist and the book actually left the project over Didio’s decision. Time will tell and we’ll see if DC has learned their lesson. 


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