‘The Flash’ Premieres With The Strongest Numbers Since ‘TVD’ Pilot

Victor Garber joins the series to play Dr. Martin Stein, aka half of “Firestorm”

CW’s new series ‘The Flash’ took ‘Arrow’ guest star, Grant Gustin turned him into a superhero, then to hammer home the connection, in case anyone missed just who he really was, ‘The Arrow’ makes an emotionally encouraging guest star spot.  I was truly surprised at just how amazing ‘The Flash’  really was, the entire cast is incredible.  The character- a justice driven scientist turned superhero, and the actor- a very relatable, fun to watch,  underdog to root for, all things that WILL make this series incredibly successful.  What did you think about the new CW superhero series ‘The Flash’?

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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