The Clone Conspiracy

It’s funny how the event that serves as the low-water mark for the comics industry (not counting the flotsam that was produced during the “glory days” of Image), or if not the entire industry then at least for Marvel as a company—I’m speaking of the Clone fiasco of the 90s, although you probably could’ve guessed that—has not only been embraced by creators today but is being successfully revisited. You might thing Marvel would want people to forget that it ever happened; you might expect Marvel itself would like to forget that it ever happened. Yet we have seen Kaine the Clone brought back as the Scarlet Spider, and even given his own series, which wasn’t half bad, in all honesty. Now we are seeing another major clone storyline, courtesy of Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. Perhaps most surprising of all, the new storyline is actually good.

For newbie fans who weren’t around for the original clone trainwreck, they brought back a clone of Peter Parker from way back in the history of the series, then tried to convince everybody that the clone was the original Spider-Man, the REAL one, while the Spider-Man whose adventures we’d all been following for decades was in reality the clone. It was a classic fake-out that got way out of hand and transformed Spider-Man into a bad SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit. Let’s hope that Slott can avoid having that happen again. Thus far he’s doing fine.

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By TheCheezman

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