Superman Gets a New Power, and DC Comics Reveals the Name!

DC has released an infographic revealing the name of Superman’s new power.

Superman’s new power was revealed in today’s release of Superman #38, –and it’s way too early for spoilers, so I won’t tell y’all how he gets it or what it does exactly, but I will tell you what it’s called: “Superflare!” Dun, dun, dun! 

I bet it turns him into a giant blowtorch, and he can spot-weld with his hands.. oh wait, he can already do that with his eyes. Damn, what else is left? Maybe he can blind people… temporarily by lighting up like a road flare? Or maybe the purpose of this power is be like, a giant warning beacon, like a lighthouse? If anyone else got today’s issue, stop by and let us know all about it.