‘Super Families’ Series Includes Batman Taking His Tots to School

“We often don’t think about the past or future lives of pop culture characters…”

That’s probably because Batman having to take a Robin and Batgirl toddler pair off to pre-school isn’t necessarily comic book canon, and I don’t think Luigi actually ends up with Princess Toadstool… I always thought it was Mario, and John Leguizamo just went his own way, and later on ended up with lots of supporting roles in action movies, killing zombies and whatnot.

But these are super cute, and it does certainly illustrate that being a superhero does entail sacrifices: most superheroes don’t have kids, because it would be a risk, not to them, but to their families lives, every day. I mean, just look at how many different women die in the process of being a long term love interest of any hero.

source: magazine.dashburst.com