‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Might Be Very Close to the Original Source

“When it comes to adapting a comic book into a live-action movie, a director can either take liberties or stay very faithful to the original source.”   

And that’s the rub: some directors think they know better than the fans, but then again, other directors are out there to make big money, and pander to the majority of people, who don’t actually have official status as comic book nerds, only comic book dabblers. I can say with confidence, that I am a dabbler, and as the ex-wife of a very, very extreme hardcore comic book nerd, I was lucky to escape with only dabbler status.

Regardless, it’s still important to me that directors and writers are true to the source material: the best comic book movie adaptations are true to the source, such as Watchmen and 300, as well as the newer Spider-Man franchise. And then, as the source article points out, there are movies like Wanted. Which had almost nothing to do with the comic book, and just… all around was irritating. David Ayer will be directing the Suicide Squad movie, and has apparently been saying “To canon, or not to canon?” Look dude. Don’t screw us. Please.

source: nerdreactor.com