Spider-Man gets his wings!

It’s a challenge, no doubt, but there’s no doubt that Marvel is up to it. The challenge is how to update Spider-Man after—how many movies has it been, now? Five? And two of those five REALLY sucked. Fortunately Marvel is golden right now. I suppose it’s inevitable that Marvel Studios will make a bad picture at some point, but right now they sure got the juju, and I entertain no uncertainties that their version of Spider-Man will be the best yet, and the most accurate to the character’s origins and depictions in the comics. Those folks at Marvel Studios know what they’re doing.

As far as faithfulness to the comics, we can say one thing for certain already: this rendition of Spider-Man will be the most accurate ARTISTICALLY. They’re basing the design for his costume on the original artwork of Steve Ditko, back in 1963 when he and Stan “The Man” Lee first introduced Spidey to the world. What’s different about that, you ask? Aren’t all Spider-Man’s costumes the same? Nope! This one is gonna have the traditional UNDERARM WEBBING! As in, web wings! As a longtime reader who always enjoyed the “webbings” part of Spidey’s costume, I am stoked to see them as part of the Wallcrawler’s onscreen get-up. What, you’re not?

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By TheCheezman

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