So What’s Batman Gong to Be Like in ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie?

“How much might Batman be mentioned in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie? Rumor has it the Caped Crusader will cast a shadow over the movie’s proceedings.”  

So no one knows really how Batman is going to be made to look in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Apparently, according to IGN, there’s a rumor floating around that Batman is sort of a bad guy to the Squad, and painted as villainous, –an enemy of the government. There are also rumors circulating that Ben Affleck might appear in the film as Batman… but that begs another question, perhaps even more important:

How will this fit into the timeline for the Man of Steel continuum? Because the Batman vs. Superman movie follows the latest Superman reboots, –and so where is Suicide Squad supposed to fit in there? The film begins filing in Canada this spring, and we’re all eagerly waiting for more details. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted!