Review: CIVIL WAR 2 Issue Six

I’m a tad behind on this one, but I’m bringing it to you in real time. I’ve been behind in all my reading as of late, and I couldn’t very well review the comic before I read it. (Sure, I coulda lied about it, but you all would have seen through that, plus it would be disingenuous of me.) I finally read the comic this morning; it’s now one o’clock in the afternoon. That’s as “hot off the press” as you can get, even if the review itself is coming several weeks after the comic hit the stands.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the series overall, I was a tad disappointed in this final issue. It sorta felt like a cop-out by writer Brian Michael Bendis. I’m a big mark for the guy, but this time he seems to have taken the easy way out. He gets rid of the character, Ulysses, who is causing all the problems with his premonitions of future events, by having him “evolve” to a higher spiritual plane or some such. No satisfying answer is reached over whether or not it was morally right for the superheroes to seek to prevent crimes from being committed before they could happen. Maybe there IS no satisfying answer. And then Bendis puts Tony Stark into a coma for a little while, conveniently allowing him (flowing Marvel’s orders, probably) to ramrod his new character, RiRi Williams, down everybody’s throat as the “new” Iron Man. (INCLUSIVITY AND DIVERSITY AT ANY COST—EVEN GOOD STORYTELLING!) It does afford him the opportunity to give us Dr. Doom putting on Tony’s armor and playacting as a good guy—no, I still don’t think he’s sincere—as the “infamous” Iron Man, so it isn’t a completely disappointing move. Even so, this last issue of CIVIL WAR 2 felt anticlimactic to me. Unlike with the first CIVIL WAR, which was solidly based on real world politics, this one came off as contrived –which, let’s be honest, it was. The first series had long-lasting reverberations. I don’t see this one has making the same sort of impact. Tony will be out of commission for a few months, long enough for the ALL NEW! ALL DIFFERENT! Iron Teenager to get established. That’s about it. The only thing this series really accomplished was to make me dislike Captain Marvel, who came across as a total b*tch. After the original CIVIL WAR I never again cared for Reed Richards. Will I likewise be turned off to Captain Marvel? Or will some other writer manage to make her likable again?

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