Just got in from seeing this film, and it pleases me to no end to announce that my worries concerning its failure were unfounded. Don’t pay any attention to the commoner critics. This is a damn good movie, period. I’ve stated many times that “mainstream” critics are woefully unqualified to judge genre movies, and this case just proves my point. The fact that so many commoners have lambasted the picture while so many fanboys are lovin’ on it has prompted some to suspect an actual conspiracy to squelch its box office. (Not that it worked; BVS is breaking all sorts of records, critics be damned.) I don’t REALLY believe the conspiracy theories, but there’s enough there to make you wonder. Did you all know that ROTTEN TOMATOES is owned by Disney, which of course owns MARVEL? Curious, no?

Here’s what some folks can’t seem to wrap their brains around: This is NOT the DC Comics universe—key word being COMICS. As I grudgingly came to understand, Ben Affleck is not portraying the Batman from the comics. He is playing the Batman from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS graphic novel, only a younger version. Realizing that Ezra Miller is not in any way supposed to be the Barry Allen from the comics makes me feel a lot better about his casting, too. Same with Momoa as Aquaman. The DC cinematic universe is a whole ‘nother animal, way more different from their comics than Marvel’s movies are from their source material—and that’s okay. Beautiful to look at, and well acted (Jesse Eisenberg—holy f*cking $h!t!!!), the movie is, let us say, COMPACT. Every second of its 2 ½ hour running time is stuffed to bursting with plot (The commoners are saying that it is “convoluted,” but I had no problem following it.) and wrings out as much characterization as possible for a film with so many characters. DC wanted to catch up to Marvel. They had a LOT of ground to cover with one movie. Despite the odds, they pulled it off. I am gleefully surprised. F*ck the commoners. Again I say, F*CK ‘EM. Every last one of ‘em. This movie ROCKS.

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By TheCheezman

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