Ready For ‘The Flash’? You Should Be! Check Out the New Trailer!

“The CW has released an epic new trailer for the return of The Flash later this month, and it contains plenty of amazing footage…”

According to the new trailer for The Flash, we can expect quite a lot of really cool shit, not to mention, appearances from some of our favorite characters and actors from the DC Comics universe. Mark Hamill’s Trickster makes an appearance, Liam McIntyre will guest star as the “Weather Wizard” –aka Mark Mardon. The Golden Glider will appear on the show as well, and later, Malese Jow guest stars and plays Linda, Barry’s date in a very awkward situation.

The ‘Reverse Flash’ also shows up in Central City, and Dr. Wells is looking more suspicious by the minute, when Cisco starts looking into things a little more closely. The shows comes back later on this month, –so while you wait, there are stills cool promos and trailers. Click on the source to watch the video.