“Plants vs. Zombies” Gets Its Own Monthly Comic Issue from Dark Horse!

“Dark Horse Comics and PopCap Games are teaming up to bring the very popular video game, Plants vs. Zombies to a comic shop near you, with an all-new mini-series titled Bully for You.”

What’s even crazier, is that this isn’t just some bullshit, McDonald’s happy meal prize type shit, –they have real artists on the game here, Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Tobin is involved, and artists Ron Chan, –they worked together once before for Marvel’s Models, Inc. Ron Chan has a few major titles under his belt, but has some catching up to in the comic world, –but no worries, –he’ll definitely make a big mark in the comic world eventually.

A bunch of guest writers and artists can be expected to contribute too, like Peter Bagge, Dustin Nguyen, –among others, to work on bonus strips and extra stories from the highly involved Plants vs. Zombies universe, –which somehow has gotten huge over the last few years. Dark Horse has had lots of success releasing PvZ art books, so it makes sense for them to continue to cash in on the phenomena. But it’s not purely commercial; the project sounds like a lot of fun, and the results will definitely be entertaining!

source: nukethefridge.com