News not so bad for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

You can’t believe half of what you read on the Internet, and that’s including the supposedly credible news sites. All it takes is for one site to post something of dubious factuality, and then the others start citing that original article as a source, and pretty soon there are countless articles floating around in the ether that aren’t worth squat. Or maybe the original article was mostly accurate, but they misconstrued what it was actually saying. Sensational headlines are more likely to get clicked on, after all. Doesn’t matter if they’re true or not. That’s the way it is with the SERIOUS news stories, and it gets so much worse when we’re dealing with entertainment news.

I read that Warner Brothers is in danger of losing a hundred million dollars on JUSTICE LEAGUE. Then, I swear, not two minutes later I read another article reporting on the good second week performance of the film. Which one’s telling the truth? It IS a fact that JUSTICE LEAGUE did NOT suffer a huge falloff in its second weekend, as most such “tentpole” movies typically do. It delivered a solid box office return, in fact. Perhaps those sensationalized negative headlines were premature. Perhaps they were never truthful to begin with. JUSTICE LEAGUE might just do better in the long haul than was expected. Especially if they release that extended, Zack Snyder version of the film, the one lacking Joss Whedon’s reshoots, which fans want. Why would they not? The film is already shot. Returns from releasing it would only be gravy at this point. Almost like releasing an all new film. Don’t wait for the DVD release, WB. Give it a couple’a months and release the movie all over again!

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By TheCheezman

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