Neal Adams takes on the Man of Steel

Remember the 90’s? If so, if you’re a comics fan, I’m sorry. I sympathize. It was a bleak, depressing time, a time perfectly defined and symbolized by Image Comics. Not the Image that’s still around today. Back then the company was a different sort of animal. Basically what happened, for you Millennials who missed it, is this: a bunch of Marvel’s hotshot artists, pissed off at the House of Ideas, broke away and started their own company, where they would enjoy full autonomy. Which sounds well and good, but the problem with a complete lack of regulation is that there’s nobody around to tell you “no.” The artists thought they could write their own comics, featuring characters they themselves created. Again, sounds good. But those “original” characters were by and large blatant rip-offs of Marvel characters and those artists couldn’t write their ways out of paper bags. Image ended up signifying the low-water mark of the comics industry, producing some of the worst comic books ever printed.

Why would I dredge up this unpleasant history? Only to make a point. Neal Adams is one of the greatest artists in comics history. I love his work. But he is not a writer. When he got to write his own Batman series, it was gorgeous to look at but at times painful to read. And now they’ve given him Superman to play with. Oy. I HOPE he’s gotten better at it. We’ll see.


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By TheCheezman

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