And somebody will probably get their knickers in a twist because of the title of this article, too, thinking it disparages the blacklivesmatter movement. I was originally going to title this post bluelivesmatter, but then realized that this phrase coupled with a pound sign already exists, as part of the pro-police reactionary movement AGAINST the black lives one—as if one has to choose between supporting police officers and standing up for the rights of minorities unfairly treated by some lousy cops and all the millions of GOOD policemen and women who are doing their duty. Political correctness sucks.

Does this image of Apocalypse strangling Mystique promote domestic violence? Glorify it, or at the least condone it? Rose McGowan thinks so, and so do quite a few others with too much time and not enough real-world problems on their hands. As would be expected, the studio caved, and apologized. The only legitimate argument I’ve heard from those opposing the poster is that it could “trigger” traumatic memories in women who have suffered abuse. Then again, I have heard from domestic violence survivors who pointed out that ANYTHING is a potential trigger and that society is not responsible for safeguarding against everything, since this last is not possible. My take on it is this: He’s the BAD GUY. If there was any suggestion of any sort that it was a GOOD thing for him to be choking Mystique, then I’d be up in arms, too. There isn’t. Also, they’re BLUE. They’re NOT HUMAN. Rose, take a seat. The world has real concerns to deal with.

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