Muslim Superhero Fights Bigotry on San Francisco’s Buses

Ms Marvel has been drafted in by culture jammers in San Francisco to protest against Islamophobic adverts – it’s the latest chapter in comic book diversity

The ‘Freedom Defense Initiative’ –a group of complete douche nozzles, purchased 50 ads to be placed on city buses. Most public transportation bus lines have ad space that can be purchased by corporate entities and even small businesses. This is, in fact, one way that cities can raise funds outside of taxes. Which is why the city agreed to allow the racist messages to appear on their buses in the first place: money talks, bullshit walks. 

So, another group, this one affiliated with the Bay Area Art Queers Unleashing Power, amassed a campaign to cover the ads with female superhero, Ms Marvel, a Pakistani-American, as well as stickers that say things like “Stamp Out Racism”, “Free Speech isn’t a License to Spread Hate” and “Calling All Bigotry Busters!” This an amazing response to these messages of hate. I hope they all end up covered, personally.