Marvel is Adding ‘Spider-Man’ To Its Cinematic Universe

“You can add a few more entries to the long list of comic book movies due in the next few years…”

Aww, look how tiny Spider-Man is in comparison with those two giants. Sigh. Iron Man has all the money, Captain America is a military superhuman experiment; but realistically, Spider-Man is an equal. He can’t -fly- like Iron Man, but he gets around in much the same way, through the air, so he might as well. Ad, like Captain America, he has been genetically altered.

So he might be rich or endowed with government experimentative medical upgrades, but he’s still awesome. I’d like to see more Spider-Man in the movies, so I’m ready. Let’s do it. Coming in 2017, –some sort of unnamed Spider-Man movie. Woohoo.