Man and Superman(s)

It’s interesting, how DC chose to deal with their failed “New 52” problem and their return to the “real” DC Universe, and with no character have things become more interesting—I won’t say it is anything more than “interesting” until later, as it’s too early to tell just yet whether the storyline will turn out awesome or mediocre—than with Superman. Supes is sort of a microcosm of the entire DC Universe right now. And a litmus test. If it works with their flagship character—yes, Superman even outranks Batman in this regard—then it MIGHT work for the entire Universe.

The New 52 Superman is dead. The Superman from the real DC Universe has stepped back into the red boots as his replacement, but so has Lex Luthor, who is busy playing Superman. And somehow the Clark Kent who was the New 52 Superman is still alive, or so it seems. So we’ve got a dead Superman, a live Superman, an imposter Superman, and TWO Clark Kents. It’s all very…interesting. My only complaint so far is that Superman—the original, the “real” one—now has a kid. Giving him a kid was a bad move when they tried it in the movies (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and I fear the little brat will be an albatross around the creators’ necks in the comics, as well. I could go off the kid, as the Brits would say. But the rest of it has well and truly snagged my—wait for it—interest. Has it snagged yours?

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By TheCheezman

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