Little Girl Writes a Letter to DC Comics: “Girls Read Comics Too”

Marvel is really knocking it out of the park here, but DC Comics can’t seem to get it together.

Not only do girls read comics, girls also write about them, and I’m ready for a change too. DC Comics does seem to have a lot of male superheroes, –I mean, guys are everywhere, and it seems like any time a woman enters a comic book, she’s usually a villain, in desperate need of saving, or worse, a female villain who often needs saving. Where are all the female superheroes? 

Dude, if an 11 year old girl notices that women are missing in the DC Universe, then surely the rest of us have noticed it too. Not only did she notice that female superheroes were missing, she noticed that they are identified as very feminine and very girly. It’d be nice to see a change, DC.