‘Jurassic World’ First Trailer To Premiere On NBC’s Thanksgiving Football

The Park Is Open June 12, Steven Spielberg returns to executive …

After seeing the first one, and the others based around the clean up of the first ‘Jurassic Park,’ why would they ever open another dinosaur “amusement” park, because sooner or later there will a mess… a huge, undeniable bloodbath no one will walk away from this time.  I have to admit this gory fun fact, and Chris Pratt being in the movie, make it irresistible to me. I will be one of those people at the theaters at midnight to see the first showing… I hope there will be a midnight showing or I’ll just be the creepy person hanging around outside the theater… Now, the trailer is set to be premiered on NBC only since it is a Universal movie, makes sense to promote and support your company, but I’m sure within hours if you’re not a football fan, it will be shown on youtube.com.  As soon as we see it, we’ll link to it for you. For now, here is the site with the countdown.


source: www.youtube.com