Jared Leto Tells Fan ‘Batman Is Dead’

“With three words, Jared Leto has stirred up DC Comics movie fans…”

Jared Leto is going to play the new Joker character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and when a fan told Leto that he reminded him of Batman, Leto told the fan, “Batman is dead.” So… wa Leto just be douchey and not minding his manners… was he kidding, or just making an offhanded comment?

Or, …gasp! Was Leto hinting that Batman is getting ready to die in the DC Comic Universe, –or at least, the cinematic universe. In most universes the Batman is still alive… but will Joker actual kill Batman? Sigh. I wish I knew: maybe Leto was just being douchey to a fan and it all meant nothing. Thoughts?

source: comicbook.com

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