It’s Myeh-Myeh!

Or “Meow-Meow.” Depends on who you ask. Either way, the joke is that Kat Denning’s character in the Thor movies, Darcy, can’t pronounce the name of Thor’s enchanted Uru Hammer, Mjolnir. Thanks to the films, all of which have been hits for Marvel Studios, aka Disney, all the rest of us know how to pronounce it, though. That could’ve come in handy to me when I was a little kid reading the comics and trying to pronounce it with the J sounding like a J and not a Y. “Mih-Jol-ner” is how I thought it sounded. I didn’t know the Vikings pronounced the J like a Y and the final three letters more like “near.” (To be technically correct, I should say it is pronounced like “nyr.”)

After decades of use and having its name mispronounced, Marvel writer Jason Aaron has revealed that Mjolnir has its own personality. Like, it can talk. One wonders why it never has, but then maybe it’s just never had a reason. Like Thor, perhaps it is the strong silent type. Except Thor tends to be braggadocios when he gets in his cups. Mjolnir, then, we can assume, does not drink. A logical conclusion, wouldn’t you say?

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By TheCheezman

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