Is Tyrese Gibson Going to Be the New Green Lantern?

Tyrese Gibson has once again teased the possibility that he will be Green Lantern, this time […]

God, I hope so… Tyrese Gibson is so incredibly hot, I just want to… um. Nevermind, let’s get back to the rumor mill. Dudes, let me back in for just a second. Now, in the original post, there was an update, –they misinformed us by saying first that Gibson tweeted the selfie of himself  in Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume, with the caption “see you soon” –but then at the end of the post, it said the selfie was actually posted on Instagram, –ugh, who can keep up.

Unfortunately, now the photo is gone! So does that mean that Gibson isn’t getting the role…? Or that he never was in the first place and doesn’t want to cause a big hullabaloo? Because I gotta say man, you probably should just quit all the Green Lantern teasing if you’re not really going to be the new Green Lantern. Gah! So confusing. Will someone please clear this up in the next week or so? I want to know so I can actually get excited about seeing Green LAntern (unlike the last one).