‘Iron Man vs. Captain America’ Better Than ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

“We now have a very real scenario where Captain America 3 might actually out-gross Batman v Superman domestically and worldwide…”

Eh, no. Sorry: you guys, I should reveal myself right now by saying that yes, as a chick, I have certain loyalties, and those loyalties lie with Batman and Superman. The movies are better, always have been. I mean, Batman and Superman have ALWAYS been the more successful franchises. Since this is a Forbes source, they obviously care more about which movie will make more money, which decides the supreme winner: BvS or IMvCA.

This is the ultimate battle right now guys, Marvel or DC; I love Robert Downey Jr., of course, but I could definitely take or leave Captain America, and Thor is just… ugh, I was over it before it began. Batman and Superman can win this… so. Prove me wrong.

source: www.forbes.com

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