Iron Doom!

Marvel is like Crack, man. Or a case of poison ivy. You think you’re done with it, you think you’re over it, but it lures you back. The addiction comes back, and you start itching all over again. When I heard that Tony Stark was going to be replaced as Iron Man—AGAIN!—and that his replacement was going to be a teenage black girl, I said, that’s it. I’m done. No more Marvel for me. As excellent as the new CIVIL WAR II  storyline has been, I’m sick of this trend towards replacing prominent characters with younger upstarts of a different skin pigmentation. It’s pure tokenism. It’s forcing “diversity” when such things only work if they happen naturally. A black Cap (and some people want to make him a GAY Cap), a Korean Hulk, a female Thor (this one bothers me the least of the current “re-inventions” of classic heroes, as the original is still around), a black/Hispanic Spider-Man. And “NOW” they’re booting Tony Stark as Iron Man to shoehorn in some character with a history of barely six months. No thank you, I said. I’m out.

Then I find out that Dr. Doom, my favorite comics villain, who is SUPPOSEDLY reformed (yeah, right) will be putting on Tony’s armor and playing ANOTHER Iron Man. Oh, Marvel, you sneaky bastards. Fine. I WILL read THE INFAMOUS IRON MAN (aka Dr. Doom in Different Armor.) And I’ll probably love it. But I will NOT read Iron Man 90210. Not now, not ever.

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By TheCheezman

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