If it was any other character, I’d think it was a stupid idea. If it was any other writer than Brian Michael Bendis, I’d dismiss the whole thing as a tacky publicity stunt. Doctor Doom replaces Tony Stark as Iron Man. It’s ridiculous. As ridiculous as having Doctor Octopus replace Peter Parker as Spider-Man. As far as the latter goes, though, by now we all know that SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, despite all the grousing we did when we heard about it, actually worked. Likewise, if we’re going by the first issue of THE INFAMOUS IRON MAN, that idea is going to work, too.

We don’t even know, thanks to Marvel’s screwy scheduling, WHY Tony Stark is no longer wearing his armor, but that really isn’t necessary to enjoy INFAMOUS, as it is Doctor Doom’s story. Doom is my favorite Marvel villain, although I have argued in the past that he doesn’t truly deserve to be labeled as such. Megalomaniacal? Sure. But he isn’t EVIL. I don’t doubt for a second that he has ulterior motives for playing the part of the hero now; hell, I’d be disappointed if he didn’t. But it’s a kick watching him try to be good. I expect it’ll be even more fun as he discovers that he’s actually GOOD at it.

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By TheCheezman

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