Image Movies – Why not? They’ve got money to lose.

I started to title this article “How NOT to Make Money in Hollywood” but it was a little too long, I thought. Basically, as we have established previously, Hollywood execs (which really ought to be considered a separate species from Homo sapiens) are really, really stupid. (Maybe that isn’t fair of me. It could be that there are some fairly intelligent Hollywood execs, but Hollywood execs are to be judged on a different scale than regular humans. A really smart Hollywood exec would only be an average dullard on the human scale. It’s like the whole Fahrenheit and Celsius thing. They don’t line up properly.)

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR was the biggest movie of 2016. Comic movies are major box office. A thinking person would understand that the characters and the quality of the storylines are big factors. Not a Hollywood exec! “Hey, a comic book movie made a lotta money,” they figure, “so ANY comic book movie is gonna make a lotta money.” That explains the decision to create a shared cinematic universe based on Rob Liefeld’s characters from Image—which constitute the lowest point of the comics industry. They are literally the bottom of the barrel. They are the underside of the barrel. Even fanboys who go and see every comic book movie they make will avoid this flotsam. The first of the Liefeld flicks will likely be the LAST of them and the end of the shared universe, but by then some studio will have lost gazillions by betting on a broken-down, flea-bitten old nag that some exec told them was a thoroughbred.

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