Has SECRET EMPIRE Jumped the Shark?

I think they may have lost me these past couple of issues. I think this series may have leapt over the proverbial Hammerhead. Are we really supposed to believe that they’d kill off Black Widow? This smacks of a publicity stunt and nothing more. In a story involving a Cosmic Cube, wherein everything can be put back to right at the end, do they expect any of us to believe it? I was willing to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt with this one. I found them turning Captain America into a Hydra agent, aka a Nazi, as distasteful as the next guy, but I figured they had a plan to wrap it up in a satisfying manner. Now I’m not so sure. When I saw that Steve Rogers, presumably the REAL Steve Rogers, was still alive but trapped in some other dimension or timeline or wherever the hell he is–and according to the Red Skull it IS Hell, literally–I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I’ve lost it again. This series is really starting to feel like it has gone off the rails. I think it might just turn into another case of “Clone fever,” wherein a story gets away from its writer, the writer paints himself into a corner, and there is no way to satisfactorily finish it. The only solution is to throw the whole thing out and start fresh.

If Marvel does choose to leave Natasha “dead” for a while, what you wanna bet we’ll get a NEW Black Widow who is a minority character? Just so Marvel can have another one. That’s another area where Big M is seemingly off the rails.

Enough. Get it together, Marvel, lest I become strictly a DC man. It could happen.

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By TheCheezman

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