Harley Quinn is a Sex Symbol. Deal with it.

A few years ago, I wrote and directed a play entitled THE AXE, a Horror/Comedy with a strong female lead and a heavy feminist bent. One of the nicest compliments I received afterwards was from an older lady who told me, “I can’t believe that was written by a MAN!” If it is possible, then, for a heterosexual male to be a feminist, I guess I am one. So it is as a feminist I want to speak to the ladies out there, the female geeks, who are upset over the “objectification” of Harley Quinn. I know that scene in the trailer where Harley’s bending over and the camera all but zooms-in on her ass has got plenty of you steamed. Unfortunately, the sexual objectification of women has been going on for as long as there have been women, and men to lust after them.

All those Renaissance paintings of nude females? That’s objectification. Hell, when that Cro-Magnon was carving the Venus of Willendorf, HE was objectifying the female body! Men are ALWAYS going to look at women as sex objects. It’s simple biological programming. As I have said before, all men are pigs. Some are just domesticated and make nice pets. And just because we like looking at Harley in hotpants doesn’t mean we can’t also respect her. If, that is, she deserved respect. Since she’s a serial killer, she probably doesn’t. Now Black Widow on the other hand, in her skintight black leather… What was I saying?

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By TheCheezman

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