Guess Who? Doug Jones Cast As This Villain in ‘Arrow’

“Oliver Queen has faced many different types of bad guys during Arrow, but most of their skills can actually be learned in real life…”

Doug Jones is going to make a seriously creepy villain; his face is weird. Not that he’s ugly, but I mean… he looks like Barney the Dinosaur’s evil skinny twin. And he’s also one of the first mutant type enemies that the “Arrow” hero, Oliver Queen, is going to face on the show. According to my source, Deathbolt is sort of a b-villain, –not really a big name among the evil masterminds.

Something tells me that Doug Jones is probably going to make Deathbolt a name that we remember; I mean, he’s not exactly a big supervillain or anything, but! his characters’ personality and his stage presence alone are a force to be reckoned with. I get the idea of his being similar to the Joker, as he was performed by Heath Ledger; a pretty innocuous looking guy who blows up the character’s potential. At least, the miniature version of that is what I’m hoping for.  


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