Guardians Of The Galaxy Director , James Gunn, Stands Up for Superhero Movies

Over the past few days, the plethora of comic book movies being made by Hollywood studios have […]

Comic book movies get bashed a lot, not just for their content, but for their constancy; there is no end to comic book movies. If I was arguing on the side of cinema, I would say, “Comic book movies are great, –but when are we finally going to stop making so damn many of them? Is the trend ever going to end? Can’t we see something original …ever?”

But, the advocate in me also thinks, hey, there have been a lot of awesome comic book movies made too; The Dark Knight trilogy, the older Batman movies modeled after the Adam West series, and do I really need to even mention Watchmen? That movie alone stands as a testament to the value of comic book movies, –and coupled right alongside Guardians of the Galaxy, I think that if any argument were to be made against superhero/comic book movies, it would be that maybe the mainstream comic book movies are getting a little tired, and more attention should be paid to the smaller titles. 


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