‘Gotham’s Dirty Little Secret…

Gotham’s a haven for the sick and twisted  in all walks of life

Monday night’s ‘Gotham’ revealed a much darker problem than just the collusion between it’s underworld and powers that be in city government, every single area of the city is ridden with violence and corruption. Of course after last week’s heroic assist from Bullock, we would have thought this week that maybe those fellow officers would have been less likely to return to their cowardly ways, but at last it seems the yellow stripe was ever present.  Once again Bullock comes into save the day and his partner by rallying the troops on Jim’s behalf. I know this show is about Jim Gordon and Penguin, but I have to say I feel Detective Bullock seems to be the consistent, although tarnished hero of the bunch. Who is your favorite ‘Gotham’ character?

source: screenrant.com

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