‘Gotham’ Receives 6 Extra Episodes This Season

Although many of the Gotham fans are die hard Batman fans, this has come with a price

Some fans cheered when they heard the extension news, while others jeered questioning quality, well I have to say YAY!!!  Even though this show was far from a favorite at first, it has truly grown on me like a fungus. I know it will inevitably take me in a distressing direction I won’t wanna be, but I won’t notice the misery due to the fun and excitement I had while getting there. I, like many others, was squeamish about Ivy, completely adored Cat, and charmed by the incredibly awkward Penguin.  I was surprised by the mess that is Barbara Gordon, definitely a different way to go with the matriarchal figure.  Harvey seemed like such a louse and worthless guy until Jim starting reminding him of who and what he used to be in Gotham. Which is your favorite character on ‘Gotham’? (You can choose two if you can’t pick just one.)

source: insidetv.ew.com

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