‘Gotham’ Pilot Has Mixed Acceptance

Gotham pilot is released to eager fans… what did you think?

‘Gotham’ seemed to keep with the dark, unruly drudge of a town we have all known so well in the many incarnations of the Batman legend, but will it be enough to keep audiences interested in a show about the rise of Jim Gordon, and the premise of a good man fighting relentless evil and corruption within the guidelines of the law. We have already seen what turned the penguin from an introverted servant to a blood thirsty monster, will the rest of the criminal gang be as easily altered from their original path. I, for one, can’t see Catwoman flipping quite so quick, but the Penguin has always been a little unhinged from the get go, which made his journey to insanity a short one. What did you think of the new ‘Gotham’?

source: bloody-disgusting.com

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