Get High on Michael McDermott’s ‘Imaginary Drugs’

“From IDW Publishing, comes Imaginary Drugs, an anthology of sci-fi short stories compiled and edited by Michael McDermott.”

Okay, so I know this is backwards, but Marvel and DC were not the people behind my introduction to comics. Do you know who was responsible for my great love of comics? Jhonen Vasquez, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. And from there, The Sandman series, which is where I got into DC but only barely, because technically, Vertigo is mostly independent of the DC universe.

Anyway, point being, my loyalty is almost always going to go to the independent comics, the guys who don’t toe the line. Hence my intro for Imaginary Drugs, –it’s funny, the art is fresh, and the first recommendation you see? A blurb quote from “The Lady at the Grimy Ol’ Gas Station by Jonathan’s House.” Fantastic.