Feel the Spin!

And here, brothers and sisters, is tangible proof, not that anyone should need any by this point, that you should never accept ANYthing you read on the Internet at face value. Anything can be spun in just the right way to make it say, or seem to say, whatever the “poster” wants it to say. In a world where everything is clickbait and there is no moral compunction, at all, towards honesty or even journalistic integrity, even from the “professional” news sites, you need much more than a grain of salt to take with your daily dosage of “news” or “facts.” Check out this article at the link below. It announces that CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR opened to lower numbers than did BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, and goes on to extrapolate from that how CIVIL WAR was destined to be a failure. This was on Friday last.

Was the article correct? CIVIL WAR had the fifth biggest opening in box office history, the biggest by far of any movie this year, bigger than IRON MAN 3, way bigger than the previous two Captain America films, and is tracking to be the first movie this year to top the billion dollar mark during its theatrical run, something few films EVER manage, so what do you think? What’s the lesson to be learned from this? Numbers don’t lie, but numbers can be MADE to lie. Or, to put it another way, the spin masters are so insidious that they can shovel bullshit with such effectiveness that only the truly astute will even smell it. Or, in more succinct terms, if it’s on the Internet, it’s probably a lie.

Now somebody tell me again how BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN was a box office “failure” or all the ways in which the new take on Spider-Man gets it wrong.

source: www.showbiz411.com

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