Ever Wonder What Marvel Characters Are Called In Other Countries?

Look out! It’s The Green, uh, Buffoon…

I am vengeance. I am the night. I. AM. Laderlappen!

Apparently the Swedes have a very different moniker for the Dark Knight. For the a there, Batman was called, “The Leather Patch”…no really, I’m serious. The article covers several different superhero names from different countries, really makes you wonder how those would relate in the U.S. where these characters were created.

Before you know it, The Incredible Hulk V.S. Wolverine becomes The Green Giant V.S. Jerv. It almost sounds like a canned vegetables mascot fighting a STD. Maybe it would be on the Lifetime channel if they had it in other countries like Italy and Hungary. Check out this article and facepalm at the sheer silliness. 

source: www.businessinsider.com.au